Extruded Kerbing

Before the invention of extruded kerbing, creating kerbs on roads required the use of wooden formwork which was a slow, labour intensive and an expensive exercise.


Delta brought the first extruded kerb making machine into Australia over 25 years ago and revolutionised the kerbing industry in Australia.



Extruding Machines


Today, we primarily use the Arrow 770 Kerbmaker for most of our kerbing work.  This compact and versatile machine can extrude in excess of 500 linear metres of kerbing per day and almost entirely eliminates the need for formwork.  This machine handles tight curves down to 15 ft (4.6m) radius and as close as 100mm to objects.



Range of profiles


Delta have a range of standard moulds which enable us to create kerbing for roads, large and small, as well as kerbs for car parks, traffic islands, hazards and storm water pits.


Each standard mould profile has been outlined in the Profile Section.  We have in excess of over one hundred (100) various moulds in stock.  In addition to our standard moulds, we can also custom build a mould to suit your specific requirements.



Site Preparation


Base preparation can be carried out by conventional equipment thus reducing preparation costs.


All necessary excavation and planning of the job is to be done prior to our company arriving on site.  The site is excavated to the correct depth and width for the kerb machine, with all survey pegs in place and levels clearly marked.  The site is inspected and approved by council (if required) before the job booking is confirmed.


We up to four (4) crews available, each consisting of four (4) or five (5) men.  All crews are equipped with the standard moulds.

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