Slipform Kerbing

Delta has invested in the latest Arrow 350 slipform machine.


The Arrow 350 builds a super strong kerb by using a wet mix which is vibrated into the machine.


This is a small but effective machine which is capable of forming shapes up to a maximum size of 300mm x 300mm.  It is ideal for car parks, traffic islands and traffic barriers.


As a specific purpose machine, it is designed to form kerbs on a finished surface such as asphalt or concrete pavements.


The Arrow 350 can form kerb over dowels, rebar or under guard rails.  It is also ideal for smaller types of kerbs to the size of 150mm x 150mm, 200mm x 150mm or mountable style kerbs.


We have a variety of moulds in stock.  A mould can be built to suit your specific needs for a small fee.

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